Is IPL the Same as Laser for Hair Removal?

A lot of medspas utilize IPL devices and market them as “laser hair removal”. IPL is an intense pulse of light, which delivers heat more superficially with a polychromatic beam (multiple wavelengths). IPL is best used for photofacial treatments in order to treat pigmentation and vascular dyschromia. 

SMooth Solutions does not use IPL for laser hair removal, we only use Alexandrite and YAG  lasers and electrolysis. Our methods have guaranteed results, and most of our clients see a 90% reduction within 6 to 8 sessions.

We believe quality aesthetic care begins with education. We want people to feel empowered to make informed choices about their medspa treatments. That’s why we value the consultation process as a chance to educate our clients.

Read on to learn about the difference between IPL and laser treatments!

Is IPL the same as laser?

The short answer is no. IPL stands for “intense pulse of light” and is comprised of  many wavelengths found within the visible spectrum of light. While some may find IPL treatments less aggressive, they will also find they need to return for maintenance treatments more often. When used for hair removal, IPL causes less damage to hair follicles than laser does. It temporarily stunts the follicle, but the hair will eventually grow back.

Many “at-home” hair removal treatments use IPL. We don’t recommend attempting hair removal at home because there are so many factors that need to be considered

A trusted laser hair removal professional can talk to you about the differences in treatment for those with lighter hair color or darker skin tones, as well as other variances that affect the hair removal process.

What is a laser treatment?

Laser hair removal uses a targeted wavelength of light to heat and destroy hair at the root. It penetrates more deeply than IPL. Using the correct wavelength of lasers means you’ll experience results more quickly and results will  actually last.

In our office, we use a Candela GentleMax Pro laser that allows us to treat people of many skin tones and achieve effective, permanent results.

A Permanent SMooth Solution

At SMooth Solutions we’re always happy to explain the science behind our laser hair removal treatments. We provide clients with complimentary consultations and trial treatments for those interested in learning more about our services.

Contact us today if you’re considering laser hair removal!