Laser Hair Removal & Sun Exposure

Summer is the season for getting smooth skin because more of it will be showing! We’re outside more when it’s warmer, and we wear clothes that suit the climate. The big question every year involves laser hair removal sun exposure: can we get LHR in summer? Read on to find out.

At SMooth Solutions, we firmly believe in educating our clients about our services so that they can make informed decisions regarding their skincare. Contact us, or book an appointment, and let’s discuss the best treatment avenues for your concerns and goals. 

SMooth Solutions promotes 100% permanent treatments for unwanted hair removal. We pursue exceptional results, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge methods, and an aggressive regimen of training that makes SMooth Solutions your premier medspa for hair removal.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal refers to a variety of treatments that all use laser energy to remove hair. The process, called photothermolysis, consists of carefully timed pulses of laser energy. This pulse passes through the skin and is absorbed and converted to heat energy at the hair follicle. The heat destroys the follicle’s growth center. 

Unlike shaving, waxing, or other hair removal options, laser hair removal at SMooth Solutions eliminates hair at the source, permanently, rather than just cutting or removing the existing hair. 

The mechanics of the laser’s strength and wavelength are paramount to effective treatment. SMooth Solutions only utilizes medical-grade lasers. Other subpar technologies that advertise permanent hair removal aren’t as effective and are sometimes technically manipulated into appearing as strong as a “medical grade” laser. 

The science behind the laser

The two gold standard laser wavelengths for hair removal specifically are the 755nm wavelength (Alexandrite fluence) and 1064nm (YAG fluence) which treat a myriad of skin tones for permanent hair reduction and other vascular lesions and skin pigmentations. 

The conventional Alexandrite is optimal for skin types I-III and the YAG is safe on all skin types I-IV. Traditional laser devices only came equipped with one or the other of the two wavelengths, allowing practitioners to treat only certain skin types. 

With hair, realistically, you have to get to it at a deeper level for permanent removal. Every wavelength of laser has an affinity for a specific chromophore or color. A 755nm alexandrite wavelength is attracted to melanin which gives hair its dark pigment. 

As this pigment is also found within the epidermal tissue, there needs to be some discrepancy between our skin color and hair color otherwise the heat would populate everywhere, causing adverse effects. For this reason, on darker skin toned individuals, we utilize the 1064nm wavelength, which is absorbed deeper and does not target melanin. 

It also has less scatter of photons so it drives energy deeper into the follicular tissue without disrupting epidermal melanosomes and chromophores. It can even eliminate any benefits you may otherwise receive! Basically, your skin absorbs the energy instead of the follicle. 

In some instances, less scrupulous practitioners may manipulate the treatment settings on an unsuitable wavelength to deliver ineffective results to darker skin types. Clients who receive this can report no change in hair growth or, in rare cases, stimulation of growth, a condition known as paradoxical hypertrichosis

We believe knowledge is power, and that power is your strength for making appropriate choices for your skin care. Always ask your medspa if they’re using a true medical-grade laser. If in doubt, talk to us at SMooth Solutions. 

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The Sun vs laser hair removal

Why have so many medspas warned against laser hair removal during summer sun exposure? It’s based on older recommendations from the infancy of laser hair removal. When laser hair removal first started, the ability for lasers to focus their wavelengths didn’t have the precision that modern laser systems have, like the ones we use at SMooth Solutions

Those early lasers had a hard time working with darker skin to remove the hair. That inaccuracy led to possible hyperpigmentation, burns, and—in the worst cases—scarring. However, technology has advanced and modern-generation lasers safely bypass the skin to pinpoint follicles and safely remove the hair.

Also, your laser hair removal specialist must have the training and experience to fully understand your skin type and use the correct laser wavelength and settings during every session to yield permanent results. If your medspa operator isn’t as knowledgeable, they could provide inadequate energy levels during the treatment, prolonging your journey to be permanently hair free.

The lasers at SMooth Solutions

Here’s how SMooth Solutions takes care of your laser hair removal needs in winter, spring, fall, and summer—with the best in laser technology.

The Candela GentleMAX Pro® 

We chose the Candela GentleMAX Pro® system because they have decades of experience refining performance and safety. Gentle Pro Series devices have been the industry-leading laser hair removal systems trusted by dermatologists and aestheticians around the globe to successfully treat patients of all skin types.

This system has dual wavelength treatment capabilities, in both true 755 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths, making the abilities medical grade. Their anatomically appropriate spot sizes, from 1.5 – 24 mm and a new 26 mm spot, mean fewer laser pulses. Your treatment will take less time and be more comfortable. 

The Candela GentleMAX Pro® at SMooth Solutions allows us to deliver the results you demand, with more power per unit in the largest spot sizes. Plus it provides short 2 ms pulse durations for finer hair treatment capabilities. It truly is an outstanding laser for both practitioner and patient, providing permanent hair removal for patients of all skin types, including those with thinner/finer hair.

Ask about other issues the Candela GentleMAX Pro® can address, including:

  • Benign pigmented lesions
  • Diffuse redness and facial vessels
  • Spider and leg veins
  • Wrinkles
  • Vascular lesions
  • Angiomas and hemangiomas
  • Venous lake
  • Port-wine stains
  • PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae)
  • Nail fungus

The system also comes with a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which emits cryogen on the treatment spot just prior to the laser pulse, for your epidermal protection and comfort. You must experience the treatment to truly understand how comfortable this innovative laser system is.

The best facials for your summer skincare

How the hair growth cycle affects results

Hair location, color, and thickness affect your laser hair removal treatment. Also part of the overall treatment protocol is the understanding of the growth cycle of your hair.


Cells in the root area of the hair divide rapidly, causing the hair to grow. During this growth phase— anagen—hair follicles are rich in protein and melanin. Having those two in abundance makes the follicle especially receptive to the laser. Depending on the area, only a percentage of hair follicles are in the growth phase at any given time. Our scalp has the largest percentage of hair in active growth, a whopping 85% compared to 10% on the upper lip!


After the growth phase, follicles enter catagen, also called the transition phase because hair stops actively growing at this time. Catagen lasts around 2-3 weeks. Only 5% or so of body hair will be in catagen at any given time.


The third and final phase of hair growth is telogen, the resting phase. During telogen, hair begins to shed, so that the cycle can begin again. Once the hair detaches itself from its source of nourishment (dermal papilla), it is impossible to provide a complete destruction to the bottom 2/3 rds of the follicular bulge, as the light from the laser will not be able to reach the base of the hair if it is no longer anchored to it. 

What to expect for laser hair removal at SMooth Solutions

When you schedule your initial consultation for a laser, you should arrive without having shaved so that we may assess the amount of hair growth, its color, and how dense or sparse it is. Knowing these factors allows us to determine the correct treatment plan for you. 

You’ll be asked to fill out some medical history intake forms, and the technician will perform a ‘spot’ treatment on the area of concern. This ensures we use the highest settings that remain within a safe spectrum for your individual skin type. After about 2 days, full treatment can start.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of laser hair removal sessions varies for all individuals. Typically, lighter skin tones have quicker results, requiring fewer sessions (about 6-8). Laser physics dictate this since the laser works to target the chromophore saturation within the dermal layers. Darker skin sees great results as well but may need an additional 2-3 treatments. 

Facial hairs should be treated every six to eighth 6 to 8 weeks, while body hairs should be treated every 8 to 10 (or 10 to 12) weeks for optimal results. Otherwise, frequent skipping of treatment can dramatically reduce your chances of achieving extraordinary results from laser hair removal treatment.

SMooth Solutions promises about 90-95% reduction if you adhere to the guidelines and keep your appointments spaced at regular intervals. We need to be able to treat a majority of the hair in a given cycle, in the early anagen phase of growth for maximum efficacy. 

After your treatments are complete, you may notice some fine hair growth months later. Perhaps even a year or two later. This is residual growth that appears because some follicles were in a state of dormancy during the course of treatment, and producing new growth due to hormonal factors, etc. 

In very rare cases, some clients may require a quick touch-up a year or two later to eradicate new growth. Touch-up sessions will be heavily discounted, and you’ll save time, too, as these touch-up sessions for that finer hair don’t require the length of a regular session.

Other treatments to augment laser hair removal

Appointment recommendations

When you book an appointment for laser hair removal, please consider the following:

  • Do not wax, tweeze, thread, or pluck the hair in between appointments. 
  • Avoid tanning, and use a physical sunscreen with at least 30 SPF before and after your treatments.
  • Shave the area on the day of your appointment. Shave as close to the surface of the skin as possible. This maximizes the laser’s energy, allowing it to fully concentrate in the smallest length of hair possible. 
  • Be consistent with your treatment schedule. It is crucial to stick to your treatment schedule at all times. 


  • Do not apply make-up, lotions, moisturizers, etc. on the treated area for a couple of days.
  • Cleanse the treated area gently.
  • Redness and small bumps (erythema and edema) are normal skin reactions and will subside. Use a cold compress to soothe and alleviate pain resulting from this.
  • You may exfoliate gently with a washcloth to speed up the shedding process of the hair.
  • Avoid prolonged laser hair removal sun exposure for about 2 weeks after the treatment. Let your skin heal.

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SMooth Solutions membership plans

We work to inform, inspire, and satisfy our clients. We also do our best to make our services accessible to everyone. Check out some of our monthly payment options that allow you to afford high-value treatments. From anti-aging treatments to our popular laser hair removal services, we’ll make meeting your goals as SMooth as possible.

Anti-Aging Memberships 

The SMooth Solutions Anti-Aging Forever Young annual package includes a number of anti-aging treatments for a low monthly cost:

  • Advanced Halo treatment (Wrinkle Correction, Advanced Correction)
  • Moderate Halo treatment (Ideal for younger clients seeking to maintain a youthful complexion)
  • Corrective BBL HERO Photofacials (or Cosmelan® pharmaceutical grade peels for pigmentation and melasma control)
  • Forever Young BBL HERO Photofacials (or similar service if client skin type is not suitable for photofacial)
  • HydraCool® Plus medical grade 4-step treatment that takes hydrafacial to the next level
  • Custom Facials & Chemical peels using mesoestetic® medical grade peels
  • Dermaplane services discounted
  • 10% off any add-on services, fillers, injectables, or skincare products

Our customizable choices for Anti-Aging Forever Young annual packages start at a very affordable $199 per month.

The final word on summer laser hair removal

So will laser hair removal sun exposure stop me from getting LHR during the summer? Of course not! Well, so long as your medspa has a commitment to advanced technology and complete communication. In other words, they’ll have to be as good as SMooth Solutions!

Your treatments can continue throughout the summer season provided you do not present an active tan. If they have an established tan and have been using sunscreen on the areas to be treated, we may proceed with the use of the 1064nm YAG wavelength, which will not interfere with their tan as it is not absorbed by melanin. 

During the summer months, you might want to target your laser hair removal for less-exposed areas. One-piece swimsuits? How about the belly, pubic area, and lower back? Do you wear full-coverage shirts most of the time? How about your shoulders and upper arms? As long as you plan ahead for your summer situations, you can have laser hair removal at SMooth Solutions, and enjoy “smooth sailing” all season long.

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