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Rosacea & Diffuse Redness


Flushed Appearance

Does your skin look flushed and irritated all the time?


You may be suffering from rosacea, also known as diffuse redness. Though rosacea has no cure, there are treatments such as BBL photo facial that can help reduce facial redness, flushing and telangiectasia.


Rosacea is a chronic condition that affects many fair-skinned individuals. Though it is most common in women of age 30-50, men suffer more severe symptoms of rosacea. Exact causes of rosacea are not known, but it is believed to be hereditary.

Redness appears gradated over areas such as cheeks, nose, and forehead and can also present as small, visible, blood vessels. Flare-ups can be triggered by stress, diet, exercise, temperature changes, alcohol consumption and use of drugs that could dilate blood vessels. This is not a curable condition, but symptoms can be controlled and improved with regular treatments.

Treatment Options

BBL Photofacial treatment

BBL Photofacial treatment

The BBL photofacial by Sciton is a popular rosacea treatment in Naperville and effectively alleviates the redness and overall flushing caused by tiny blood vessels. Within the BroadBand Light spectrum, there are wavelengths that will target the hemoglobin in the abnormal blood vessels, creating an intense amount of heat that will coagulate them. After healing, they are no longer visible and skin looks brighter, clearer and more even-toned.

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Medical Grade Skincare Facials

Medical Grade Skincare Facial

Our clinic offers custom medical-grade facials that help minimize inflammation and diminish skin redness. They aid in healthy microcirculation, and prevention of excessive sebum while providing anti-microbial benefits. We recommend specific products to use at home after your rosacea treatment in Naperville to continue relieving symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How many BBL photofacial treatments will I need to get rid of rosacea?

How frequently will I need treatment for rosacea?

Are rosacea treatments in Naperville painful?

Advanced procedures. Medical-grade skincare. 

At SMooth Solutions Medspa, we have the world’s leading IPL technology for rosacea treatment in Naperville: BBL photofacial by Sciton.

Our extensive knowledge base & training allows us to formulate the correct treatment parameters for optimum results. We also complement BBL photofacial treatments with at home skin care to prevent symptoms from recurring.

Revitalize your skin

When you choose SMooth Solutions Medspa to provide you professional rosacea treatments, you can expect to see immediate results and improvement in your rosacea. Don’t wait to make an appointment, consult with us now to learn about our highly rated services, including rosacea treatment in Naperville.