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Smoother, Softer, Youthful Looking Skin.

Dermaplaning near Naperville is a unique method of removing vellus hair, dead skin cells, dirt, and excessive oil from the epidermal tissue to produce a smoother and inviting complexion.

During the treatment, a medical grade surgical blade is utilized to scrape away the top-most layer of the skin to reveal a radiant, dewy glow.

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Your Dermaplaning Treatment in Naperville

Treatment information

What Dermaplaning Treats

  • Fine Vellus Hairs (peach fuzz)
  • Dull Skin
  • Poor Skin Tone

Treatment Length

30-45 minutes

Recovery Time


Frequency of Maintenance

Patients can repeat dermaplaning treatments as often as suitable or required. We recommend that patients schedule their treatment prior to any social or important event, due to its ability to provide an immediate glow to the skin without  any downtime.


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An ultra-fine surgical grade blade is glided over the surface of the skin to mechanically exfoliate peach fuzz/vellus hair, dead skin, and remove excessive oil.

Most clients express feeling a slight tingling sensation during their dermaplaning in Naperville.


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A medical grade ZO skin-care serum will be applied to freshly exfoliated skin which allows for optimum product penetration.

There is no downtime associated with a dermaplaning procedure in Naperville. You shall be able to resume normal activities right away. We do recommend using proper sun-care following the treatment.

Schedule your dermaplaning treatment in Naperville

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Smooth, Dewy Skin. Zero Downtime.

Dermaplaning in Naperville is appropriate for all skin types and has zero downtime.

Clients often remark on how quickly their skin looks rejuvenated.

When done professionally by a licensed aesthetician, dermaplaning will help correct poor skin texture, clean and shrink pores, and improve the look of wrinkles and creases. It will also aid in preventing acne, and allow for better penetration of skin-care products.

Our difference? Highly skilled, licensed & certified medical aestheticians.

At SMooth Solutions Medspa, we ensure our practitioners have received extensive training and certification to perform procedures such as dermaplaning which employs a surgical grade blade for treatment.

Our aestheticians have years of experience performing medical grade treatments and are very passionate and skilled at what they do.



Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between dermaplaning and microdermabrasion? 


If you are looking for a professional office with custom attention, this is it! The medical background teamed with the personal suggestions make this office the best fit for my needs. I have done laser hair removal, BBL, Halo and even electrolysis. I will continue to visit this office for future services like facials and additional BBL treatments.

I highly recommend this spa. It is more like a medical office without all the spa/salon nonsense. They specialize in hair removal and skin treatments. I had laser hair removal and a photo facial (BBL). Both procedures way exceeded my expectations. I would not go anywhere else. The equipment is top notch and the staff is very knowledgeable. Everything was explained to me so I knew what to expect. Prices are very reasonable. If I had known what results can be achieved with a 30 minute photo facial, I would have gone sooner. Ditch the expensive face creams and salon facials and get a photo facial (BBL). I look years younger after one treatment!

Staff are very well trained and highly informative. Staff was caring and professional. I would refer clients who are looking for highly effective treatments with the most advanced equipment utilized by knowledgeable and empathic staff in a friendly and personal yet professional environment.

I have had the absolute best experience with Smooth Solutions Medspa and I highly, highly recommend their services. Mariam clearly enjoys her business and takes the time to educate her clients on the equipment that she has chosen to use and the best services for one's desired results. I have been, quite frankly, amazed at my results. Do yourself a favor and call Smooth Solutions before you commit to laser hair removal or electrolysis anywhere else.

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