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Unwanted Hair


Shaving Daily? No More. 

If you are constantly shaving, tweezing, waxing or threading your hair, you’ve probably wondered what method can offer a true permanent solution to unwanted hair.


Laser and electrolysis are great options for hair removal in Naperville, depending on the area and the color of the hair being treated. Laser is a permanent option to eradicate almost all of your body hair in about 7-10 treatments, while electrolysis works best for facial hair that is coarse and non-pigmented (white, gray, blonde).

About Unwanted Hair

There are two types of hair growth patterns, normal and abnormal.

  • Normal hair growth patterns on most of areas of our bodies are a natural occurrence. The daily maintenance of this growth can be time consuming, painful (razor burns) and irritating (ingrown hair). Laser hair removal can offer a permanent solution to this problem by effectively destroying the follicular tissue responsible for hair growth.
  • Abnormal hair growth patterns can be characterized by excessive growth in areas where hair is not meant to naturally occur in a terminal phase, for instance a woman’s face. This can be a result of underlying hormonal imbalances, or stimulation of vellus hair by constantly epilating/tweezing the area.

For effective laser hair removal or electrolysis sessions, the correct treatment parameters have to be applied as well as proper intervals between sessions for hair removal in Naperville & Oswego.

Treatment Options

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Laser hair removal will not work on non-pigmented hair. Electrolysis is a convenient and permanent option to removal facial hair that is prominent, but either gray, white or blonde. A small amount of electricity is applied to the follicular tissue using a fine probe, to destroy the germinative site of the hair.

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the best and most economical solution in treating unwanted body and facial hair. A 755nm or 1064nm laser will selectively target the follicular tissue to completely destroy the germinative site of the hair.

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Hair Removal Experts

We truly are! Our extensive knowledge about hair and how to treat it permanently has gained us many happy clients.

We have combined the best treatment options for hair removal in Naperville & Oswego, laser and electrolysis, to provide a true permanent outcome. Our laser technology is the gold-standard in the world and is safely administered on all skin types for permanent results.

Guaranteed Permanent Results

We offer the best technology, best treatment experience, best results, and the best pricing. Consult with us to learn more about our laser hair removal and electrolysis procedures and how we stand out from the rest.