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Though we love our laser technology & its exceptional results, there are limitations to laser hair removal as only pigmented hair can be effectively treated and destroyed.

This poses a problem when treating clients with gray, white, or blonde colored hair. At our clinic we masterfully pair the two when needed, or prefer to use electrolysis only when and if the need presents.

Your Electrolysis in Naperville

Treatment information

What Electrolysis Treats

  • Terminal facial hair
  • Black, gray, white, red, and blonde hair
  • Finer accelerated vellus hair

Treatment Areas

Most commonly, Electolysis treats facial areas. We won’t treat body areas unless the hairs lack pigment.

Treatment Length

15-60 minutes, depending on the amount of hair growth.

Recovery Time

0-1 days, though the treated area will have erythema and edema associated with the dispersion of heat in the follicular tissue.

Frequency of Maintenance

Patients may need multiple treatments to eradicate new/untreated growth cycles every few weeks. Treatment is only permanent when the follicles have been effectively destroyed during a session.


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At the time of your consultation, the electrologist will determine the best treatment plan and tailor it to your needs to help you achieve results.

It is best to arrive for this appointment unshaven, and without having epilated your hair at all so we can assess the amount of growth.


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Electrolysis is an age old method of removing hair permanently. A fine probe or needle is used to directly apply a small amount of electric current to the hair follicle from the inside, leading to a complete destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth while protecting the skin surface.

Please do not wax, tweeze, pluck, thread or perform any kind of epilation prior to your scheduled electrolysis session. All of these methods will stimulate vellus hair to become terminal as well as multiply the existing growth.


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During your electrolysis in Naperville, the electrologist will first clean and disinfect the skin using either an alcohol pad or witch-hazel and will then use a very fine probe/needle to create an insertion into the individual hair follicle to introduce a very small amount of a high frequency current to destroy the follicle.

The heat created from the vibration and friction of the electron flow is responsible for the destruction of the hair growth cells and other parts of the hair inside the dermis.


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To get the best results and avoid the risk of infection and breakouts, please keep hands clean and away from the treated area. Continue home care with a post-epilator balm recommended by our clinic, or with alcohol free with hazel.

Ice-packs may be applied to the treated area to calm down any inflammation that may be linger after the procedure.

Schedule your electrolysis treatment in Naperville

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Exceptionally Efficient Hair Removal.

We have paired the two best technologies for the most effective permanent hair removal results.

Electrolysis near Naperville is the only method FDA approved to be 100% permanent. Electrolysis in Naperville yields permanent hair removal and clients may expect to see results immediately following just a couple of treatments, and permanence will vary based on how frequently the treatment is repeated as well as the amount of hair.

Our difference? Latest 3 advanced electrolysis modalities.

Advanced research has introduced newer techniques and modalities in electrolysis.

We use an Apilus Platinum & Apilus Excel Pur devices that use an ultra rapid 27 MHz frequency to permanently destroy all hair types. With optimized energy concentration in the follicle, the growth cells coagulate quicker for a more comfortable and effective treatment.



Frequently Asked Questions

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I have been a longtime waxer and finally got tired of the inconsistency. I’ve been going here for Laser Hair Removal and it has been the best decision I could have made. They are all so efficient, friendly, and very knowledgeable. At my consultation everything was explained to me, and even during my appointments I was given more knowledge in regards to the hair and skin. I HIGHLY recommend SMooth Solutions to everybody!! It is one of the best investments you can make on yourself!!


The results are AMAZING! I have tried various laser hair removal places throughout the years and this by far has given me the best results. Miriam is very welcoming, patient, and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend this place!


Beth is so warm and professional. She makes me feel so comfortable and that allows me to relax for my appointment. She really goes above and beyond and is so gifted at what she does!:) 10/10 recommend this business!


After one laser appointment which was over 2 months ago I haven’t had any hair growth. Great facility, great owner, and most of all, tremendous results!!

So, there are so many things I love about Smooth Solutions I don't know where to start! Firstly, the staff is amazing. They're attentive, timely, professional and skilled. Laser - I have dense, thick hair pretty much everywhere. After ONE treatment on my legs with their laser I haven't seen any growth in almost 8 weeks. Amazing. Electrolysis- Mariam cares and takes pride in her results. I have already seen incredible improvement over the course of about 6 sessions. If you're debating where to go for hair removal, Smooth Solutions is the place!

Mariam is amazing! She is very well informed with what she does and shares that information to her clients. She is upfront with cost and has great quality of work. She checks in with her clients and supports them throughout their treatments. She is great at working with clients with PCOS, like myself. She personalizes each treatment to fit your need. You can see that she loves what she does and is the best option for hair removal.

laser hair removal in naperville

Combinable Treatments

Electrolysis treatments in Naperville pair really well with laser hair removal to give permanent and lasting results.


At the time of your consultation, we shall assess your hair growth and concerns to determine the best treatment plan for you.



Remove Hair Permanently

Give us a call or book your electrolysis consultation or treatment following our link. Laser does not work on non-pigmented hair, fortunately there is an answer: Electrolysis.

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