Alastin in Naperville

Medical Grade Skincare


Patented TriHex Technology

Alastin Products have been clinically proven to optimize medical aesthetic procedures and their outcomes using their patented TriHex peptide technology. Active peptides aid in the removal of damaged and old collagen and elastin fragments  to help the skin bed be optimized for on going skin rejuvenation. We pair all laser resurfacing procedures with Alastin products for best results.

About SMooth Solutions

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Looking at a child, notice the reflectivity, hydration and clarity of their skin.


Age and environmental stressors will eventually deplete the skin’s health, but effective skin care can act as a shield and help prevent and restore the radiance of a youthful complexion. Only medical grade skincare products in Naperville offer active potent ingredients necessary to do so. At SMooth Solutions, we proudly carry the world renowned Alastin Skincare line and have an expert understanding of each product benefits to guide you to make the correct selection.


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