What Is Laser Hair Removal In Naperville?

If you’ve been curious about laser hair removal in Naperville, you’re not alone. It is one of the most common forms of permanent hair removal. 

That’s why the team at SMooth Solutions Medspa strives to be “in the know” about current tools and methods. We also research upcoming innovations for laser hair removal in Naperville. Advanced training is just one of our investments, along with state-of-the-art equipment. Book a no-obligation free consultation today. And if you want to know more about how laser hair removal works, keep reading!

Laser hair removal | the rundown

Selective photothermolysis

Laser hair removal directs a carefully timed pulse of laser energy at the area where you want to get rid of unwanted hair. The laser passes through the skin and is absorbed and converted to heat energy at the hair follicle.

This process, photothermolysis, destroys the dermal papillae that the hair-growing tissue needs, thus disabling the follicle from growing hair again.

IPL vs laser hair removal

If you’re unfamiliar, IPL means “intense pulsed light.” Sure, it pulses, and it’s light. But it’s not a medical grade laser

A true laser utilized for permanent hair removal, will operate at either a 755nm wavelength (Alexandrite fluence) or 1064nm (ND:YAG fluence). It treats a myriad of skin tones for permanent hair reduction. Traditional laser devices only came equipped with one of the two wavelengths. They allowed practitioners to treat only certain skin types. Some practitioners would manipulate the treatment settings to deliver ineffective results to unsuitable skin types.

A medical grade laser will have both wavelengths available for optimum laser hair removal results. 

The difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal.

SMooth Solutions’ Laser: the Candela GentleMAX Pro ®

We employ only medical-grade tech, and are proud to offer the Candela GentleMax Pro. It’s revolutionary in the aesthetic industry, combining dual wavelengths on one platform to allow us full flexibility to treat all Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI, with unparalleled efficacy for laser hair removal in Naperville. 

Studies show over 90% reduction in hair growth in just 6 laser hair removal treatments! Electrolysis still remains the number 1 option for permanent hair removal, but paired with the correct laser technology, we can now offer permanent hair reduction and treat any residual growth with electrolysis

Learn about what electrolysis does for permanent hair removal.

Always ask about the laser

A trusted medical spa serves the community through education. If you have questions about laser hair removal in Naperville, schedule an appointment to chat with us here at SMooth Solutions Medspa. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and create a customized treatment plan that is uniquely yours.

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