Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal in Naperville

Getting out to the beach, the park, the open road with the windows down, enjoying the feeling of the wind in your hair. That’s great! Unless you feel wind in hair that’s growing in places you don’t want it to.

SMooth Solutions Medspa makes sure you’re hair free where you need to be, with the latest, cutting edge hair removal procedures in Naperville, and the greater Chicago area. We pride ourselves on hair removal training, knowledge, and most of all, results. You’ll feel the pride too, knowing you’re hair-free wherever you want to be. 

How does SMooth Solutions Medspa remove unwanted hair? 

We use two advanced procedures- electrolysis, and laser hair removal. Let’s take a quick peek at how both work, and then compare electrolysis vs laser hair removal in Naperville. 

Electrolysis: an electrifying solution

Electrolysis in Naperville involves isolating each hair and inserting an extremely thin wire probe directly into the hair follicle under the skin’s surface. Your SMooth Solutions electrologist then applies a small electric current into the wire, destroying the hair root. Following treatment, the hair falls out and does not grow back.

Learn about the different modalities of electrolysis.

Shedding light on laser hair removal

Laser hair removal in Naperville targets the hair follicle using a concentrated beam of light. Melanin, or pigment, in the hair absorbs the light, disabling the hair follicle and preventing further hair growth.

SMooth Solutions uses GentleMAX Pro ® medical grade laser devices for laser hair removal. This gold-standard system is versatile, not only removing unwanted hair, but addressing other issues such as nail fungus, skin tightening, and vascular and pigmented lesions.

The GentleMAX Pro ® also boasts a dynamic cooling device, which cools the treatment spot with a pulse of cryogen just before the laser pulses, for extra protection and comfort. Its advanced design is based on improved comfort and, as always, excellent results. 

Electrolysis vs laser hair removal – What’s the difference?

Now that you know how we remove your unwanted hair, let’s compare your choices based on some commonly asked questions.

Example of laser hair removal vs electrolysis near Naperville

How many sessions are required?

Laser hair removal typically requires multiple sessions.Your skin type, pigmentation, hair color, and hair location will dictate the number. Those with lighter skin tones can expect 6 to 8 sessions to achieve results. For those with a dark skin tone, or with light hair, you may require more. Contact us at SMooth Solutions Medspa, and let’s discuss the recommended number of treatment sessions during your consultation

With that said, laser hair removal may require 1 – 2 maintenance sessions, as hair follicles that possibly escaped destruction will need to be revisited.

Find out more about modalities of electrolysis.

Electrolysis presents a different set of variables that affect the number of sessions. Where you want the hair removed begins the calculation, along with other factors like how you’ve removed hair from there before, underlying hormonal issues affecting hair growth, etc. 

You might not realize, for example, that plucking chin hair actually promotes growth of not only that hair, but more hair. Tweezing inflames the tissue around the follicle, providing more blood flow for faster healing and hair replacement, along with the growth of completely new hair. The best rule of thumb is to schedule regular electrolysis sessions at least every 4 to 6 weeks. And stop all those other painful, temporary methods.

How long is the treatment?

This length of a session is based upon many of the factors listed above. We keep the expectation fluid, with the understanding that our first priority is to do it right. 

When comparing session length of electrolysis vs laser hair removal in Naperville, the sessions for laser hair removal don’t have to be as long as for electrolysis. This is because with electrolysis, you work with every hair one by one. With laser hair removal, groups of hair are targeted by the laser all at one time. Laser is the best option to remove body hair, Electrolysis is primarily used to treat facial hair that cannot be treated with laser. Your practitioner will advise you which option suits you best at the time of your consultation. 

Closeup of work on cheek for laser hair removal vs electrolysis near Naperville

Is it safe for all skin tones?

Electrolysis is the most flexible treatment when comparing electrolysis vs laser hair removal. Since electrolysis goes hair by hair, your skin tone isn’t as important. It focuses on each singular hair, and doesn’t require the contrast in pigmentation for better results.

Learn more about electrolysis.

Laser hair removal can also be performed on people of all skin tones. The 1064 wavelength provides safe and effective laser treatments which are also permanent. The laser hair removal process involves focusing a highly concentrated beam of light—the laser—directly into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicle absorbs that light, heating it up and destroying the follicle.

For laser hair removal on darker skin, make sure the person performing the procedure has prior experience performing laser hair removal on darker skin tone. Provider experience is key to getting your best results.

Electrolysis also has its unique risks for people of color. The process could incur a raised scar called a keloid. Again, your provider must have prior experience. Contact SMooth Solutions Medspa so together we can discuss your hair removal goals and how best to achieve them.

Can I do both laser hair removal and electrolysis in Naperville?

Of course you can. Many of our clients getting facial hair treatments combine electrolysis and laser hair removal in alternating sessions. Electrolysis follows up the laser hair removal, eliminating the hair that the laser will not work well removing. 

Other possible concerns

There are specific concerns to consider when choosing electrolysis vs laser hair removal in Naperville.


People who tan need to let the tan fade before using laser hair removal, as the laser targets the darker pigment in the hair and works better with the higher contrast between hair and skin.


If you’ve accentuated/expressed yourself with tattoos, laser hair removal is not the choice for hair removal from those areas. Since laser hair removal requires the follicle’s pigmentation to contrast with the surrounding dermal layer (your skin), the ink in your tattoo will cause the laser to work less efficiently in the differentiation process. 

The thermal reaction that makes laser hair removal work so well can also permanently damage your tattoo. For your tattoo, we recommend electrolysis to remove those unwanted hairs.

Hair color

Electrolysis works on all hair types. Blonde, brunette, redhead, doesn’t matter. Your unwanted hair will be removed because the process targets hair singularly.

Laser hair removal is most effective targeting dark-pigmented hair, because that hair contrasts better with lighter skin, making sure the laser finds the follicles. It’s not as effective on blonde, white/gray/silver, or red hair, as they blend in more.

We’ll talk through the possibilities before any treatment, along with your history, and make sure you’re safe, your concerns are met, and your hair removal is a success. If you have more questions, book a SMooth Solutions Medspa consultation. It’s free, with no obligation, and no pressure. The more you understand your choices, the better choice you can make. 

African american woman enjoying coffee after laser hair removal vs electrolysis near Naperville

Possible side effects from treatment

Since both hair removal techniques effectively destroy hair follicles, your body does require some healing time. 

Possible side effects of electrolysis

  • Some pain while being treated, such a slight stinging sensation
  • Temporary swelling, redness, and/or tenderness of skin post-session
  • For people with darker skin tones, possible formation of keloids
  • Rare, but possible change in skin color where treated

Possible side effects of laser hair removal

  • Temporary redness at the area treated
  • Possible tingle or sting during and after the procedure
  • Temporary swelling around the area treated

Most of these side effects are minor and last for no more than 1 to 3 days. As always, ask us any questions you might have about this or any other concerns as you compare electrolysis vs laser hair removal in Naperville. Our free consultation is a great opportunity to learn more.

Which treatment is better for me?

Electrolysis vs laser hair removal at SMooth Solutions Medspa in Naperville depends on what you want to accomplish.

Our Candela GentleMAX Pro ® laser operates at either a 755nm wavelength (Alexandrite fluence) or 1064nm (ND:YAG fluence) to treat a myriad of skin tones for permanent hair reduction, and other vascular lesions and skin pigmentations. This is a true medical grade laser, unlike the less-expensive diode lasers that many other med spas use.

The conventional Alexandrite is optimal for skin types I-III and the YAG, skin types IV-VI.  No matter where you go, always ask about the laser, and whether it can do both 755nm wavelength, and 1064nm. If not, you’ll want to reconsider. At SMooth Solutions Medspa, we’ve invested in the best of the best, so you’ll get the best results.

Facial hair 

Laser hair removal on your face is the quickest process, requiring the least number of sessions. However, if performed on fine vellus hair, you may risk stimulating more growth as the follicular tissue does not absorb as much heat as a thick, coarse hair would have, and you may have to return for maintenance treatments. There is risk of paradoxical hypertrichosis in some cases. At SMooth Solutions we will assess your hair type and provide recommendations on what is most suitable 

Electrolysis typically requires more sessions, but frequently provides more permanent results. 

Size of the area you want hair-free

Laser hair removal has the flexibility of doing smaller, or larger, areas. 

Electrolysis is best for smaller areas, which is why it usually takes more sessions.

Side effects that are more palatable for you

During your consultation, never be afraid to bring up your concerns. Ask about side effects, and talk about your situation. Will you have time off? Is there an event happening immediately after? We’ll be happy to help you pick the treatment that best suits your goals. 

The last difference: cost

For laser hair removal at SMooth Solutions Medspa, here’s a complete breakdown of costs associated with getting your skin free of unwanted hair. We guarantee the lowest pricing—less than 50% of our competitors!



$125 / $700 / $50

Navel Area

$100 / $550 / $50


$250 / $1425 / $100

Full Arms

$350 / $1825 / $125

Lower Legs

$275 / $1425 / $125

Upper Legs/Thighs

$300 / $1500 / $150

Full Legs

$500 / $2575 / $250


$200 / $1000 / $100

Bikini Line

$125 / $700 / $50

Full Brazilian & Bikini

$250 / $1450 / $125


$100 / $500 / $50


$100 / $500 / $50

Neck (Front & Back)

$125 / $700 / $50


$175 / $925 / $100

Lower Back

$200 / $1050 / $100

Full Back

$375 / $1875 / $150

Full Back & Shoulders

$450 / $2250 / $175

Full Back, Shoulders & Neck

$500 / $2500 / $200


$250 / $1250 / $100


$250 / $1250 / $100

Chest & Abdomen

$425 / $2200 / $175

Full Beard

$250 / $1250 / $100

Beard Shaping

$125 / $700 / $50

Chin & Neck

$100 / $750 / $50


$50 / $400 / $25


$50 / $400 / $25


$50 / $400 / $25


$50 / $400 / $25

Lip & Chin

$100 / $750 / $50

Chin, Lip, Neck & Sideburns

$150 / $1075 / $75

Full Body Women

$1050 / $7500 / $525

Full Body Men

$1250 / $8500 / $625

Full Body 2 Year Package

Local chains charge up to $24,000 for a full body package. Even at 50% off, that is $12,000 for a body package! SMooth Solutions Medspa have the lowest prices and the best laser!

Choose any or all of the areas listed (Men)

Ears, Face, Neck, Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Underarms, Back, Abdomen, Buttocks, Pubic, Legs, Toes.

Choose any or all of the areas listed (Women)

Face, Neck, Areola, Shoulders, Back, Stomach, Arms, Underarms, Abdomen, Buttocks, Pubic, Legs, Toes.

See before & after photos for laser hair removal.

Before and after of sideburn hair done by laser hair removal vs electrolysis near Naperville

Our most popular, cost effective solution

Laser hair removal in Naperville is a terrific way to accomplish head-to-toe unwanted hair removal.

A SMooth Solutions Medspa Laser membership means payments are monthly, and for that low entry fee you can choose to alternate treatment of multiple body areas on a monthly basis. Our packages start at just $99 a month for laser hair removal.  The flexibility is outstanding, and with our medical grade laser, the results are permanent.

These payment options allow you to afford high value treatments, including hair removal, anti-aging treatments, and more. Book a consultation with a SMooth Solutions team member and see how affordable beauty can be.

There’s even a bonus: our Unlimited Treatments Guarantee. If you hold your membership for 24 months for any tier, your treated areas will receive free touch ups for lifetime. That is a SMooth Solution for a nuisance-free future.

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