What Should You Learn in Your Laser Hair Removal Consultation?

Aesthetics care is a very personalized industry. That’s why trusted medical spas have all prospective clients go through a consultation process.  At SMooth Solutions our consultations are always complimentary. The consultation process may look different depending on the type of treatment you are seeking. There are a few things you should always learn in any laser hair removal consultation.

First, are they using an actual laser?

Many medspas offer IPL treatments for hair removal, but these treatments are not permanent. Getting IPL is not the same as a laser.

The ideal laser hair removal provider will be able to explain the process to you and talk about the science behind laser hair removal. 

If they don’t tell you, you should always ask about the laser they are planning to use. The laser wavelength is dependent on your skin tone and hair color. Lighter skin tones use a shorter wavelength, and darker skin tones use a longer one.

Second, will they test the treatment?

Before you commit to a course of treatments, it’s important to understand how your skin will react to the laser. Often this is done with a trial treatment in a small area. By treating a smaller area at first, clients can better know what to expect.

Finally, do they offer other options for hair removal?

The truth is that laser hair removal is not the ideal solution for some clients. This is particularly true for clients with lighter hair colors, like blonde and red. Those hair colors don’t have pigments that the laser can react with.

Laser hair removal is also not the best solution for unwanted facial hair, though, because the skin is so sensitive. 

During your laser hair removal consultation, your provider should inform you about other options for hair removal, like electrolysis. In an earlier blog, we talked about the differences between electrolysis and laser hair removal.

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