Enhance Your Facial Results with Phototherapy in Naperville

Humans and plants have more in common than you might think: mainly, the way light benefits our health. LED phototherapy, or “light emitting diode” therapy, uses various wavelengths to treat a variety of skin conditions. It’s similar to broadband light (BBL) treatments but emits less intense light. This means it can be used in combination with facials and other skin care treatments like microneedling.

Not only can phototherapy be used on its own to treat skin concerns, when used in combination it can enhance the results of your other treatments. It’s a great part of your winter skin care routine but can also be beneficial all year round! At SMooth Solutions Medspa we provide top of the line phototherapy in Naperville, we can even pair it with your other treatments at no cost!

How we use phototherapy in Naperville

LED light therapy has increased in popularity over the last few years, so much so that there are even at-home devices. However, the at-home devices use much lower frequencies than what we are able to use in the office, rendering them less effective.

At SMooth Solutions we use the DermaLux Tri-Wave, an award winning LED phototherapy technology that’s safe for every skin type and concern.

Controlled levels of red, blue, and near infrared light are clinically shown to improve cell regeneration. Exposing the skin to these lights results in a healthier complexion. Your skin absorbs the energy from the light and it repairs your skin cells naturally.

Learn more about the science behind phototherapy:

What treatments work well with phototherapy in Naperville?


When used with a facial or chemical peel, phototherapy can further reduce signs of aging, treat acne, and more! Facials are able to treat the surface of your skin. Phototherapy is able to address skin concerns in the deeper layers.

Microneedling & Laser Resurfacing Procedures

Because of its anti-inflammation properties, phototherapy is great after a microneedling procedure, or any treatment that requires injury to the skin. The light’s properties are able speed the healing process, revealing your results faster.

Experience the Dermalux difference at SMooth Solutions!

Schedule your consultation at SMooth Solutions Medspa to learn how phototherapy in Naperville can help you achieve real results and improve your skin texture and tone. Whether you’re interested in phototherapy on its own or in combination with our other treatments, a consultation with one of our skin care providers is the best way to learn about the benefits.

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