Getting the Most Out of Your Laser Skin Treatments in Naperville

When we talk about skin care and making changes to your skin, everything builds on top of each other. Aesthetic procedures like laser skin treatments are a great investment and using a regular skin care routine can help you extend and protect your results! Medical-grade skin care provides a solid foundation for any skin care procedure that you receive. 

At SMooth Solutions Medspa our goal is to leave you feeling refreshed and confident, whether we are using laser machines, medical aesthetic equipment, or topical products.

Medical-grade products can enhance the results of aesthetic treatments

Laser skin treatments, microneedling, phototherapy, and even your monthly hydrafacial can provide you greater benefit if you are following a medical-grade at home skincare regimen.

How does a skin care routine help?

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects the body from disease, regulates temperature, and holds our organs in place. This is why it’s critical to take care of our skin’s health. Our skin is also one of the first places we see signs of aging, which while a cosmetic concern, can also lead to breakdowns in our skin’s protective function.

Even if you’re not seeking a specific treatment for your skin concerns, medical-grade products help maintain your skin’s health and complexion. They also aid the prevention of wrinkles and other effects of aging! 

When you are considering specific procedures like laser skin treatments in Naperville, a medical-grade skin care routine with the right ingredients supports your skin before and after your procedure.

SMooth Solutions is your one stop shop for your skin care needs!

Whether you’re looking for winter skin care tips or to reverse signs of aging. SMooth Solutions is here to support you! Schedule a consultation today to sit down with one of our skin care experts and discuss what your skin needs to thrive. We offer multiple procedures, including laser skin treatments in Naperville to help you look and feel your best!

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