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When you’re dealing with dry skin it can be tempting to keep exfoliating, hoping to relieve the itching, flaking skin, and other textural concerns. But if you over exfoliate your skin, you could actually be making the problem worse.

At SMooth Solutions Medspa in Naperville we get asked a lot of skin care questions, including how often should you exfoliate, really? This question comes up especially when clients are asking for winter skin care recommendations

What does exfoliation do?

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. It can unclog pores, prevent acne, even skin tone, and allow other skincare products to penetrate more deeply.

Routine exfoliation can be beneficial for your skin, but many people aren’t sure how often you should exfoliate. More than that, there are limits to what at home exfoliation can accomplish. Sometimes a professional facial treatment is really what you need, like a chemical peel or microneedling for acne scars.

How often depends on your unique skin

Our skin is much more resilient than we tend to give it credit for. When we are consistently using harsh products and stripping our skin of its natural oils, it backfires on us and creates rough, dull skin.

In truth, we only need to exfoliate once a week, especially if we’re following a regular skin care regimen. Some people can get away with only exfoliating every other week, and some people might only need to do so once a month.

Your skin knows how to heal itself. Exfoliating too often can break down your skin barrier and lead to skin issues.

How should I exfoliate?

You’re going to get the best benefits from exfoliating in the morning. Scrubs are harsher on your skin, so we typically recommend using products with glycolic or salicylic acid to help clear away the dead skin more gently.

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The most important thing when you exfoliate is to hydrate afterwards. Your skin is vulnerable and sensitive after you exfoliate, so it’s important to seal it with a moisturizer to protect it and avoid even drier skin.

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