Our Favorite Facial Treatments in Naperville

While we all can appreciate the relaxing benefits of a spa facial, medical-grade facial treatments in Naperville provide clinically proven results for a variety of skin conditions. Whether you’re worried about acne, sun damage, or other skin issues, at SMooth Solutions Medspa we’re prepared to develop an individualized facial treatment plan designed to boost your skin’s health.

Rejuvenating facial treatments in Naperville

Each of our facial treatments uses medical-grade serums and skincare products to provide optimal rejuvenation.

Aquafirme Hydrafacial

A regular hydrafacial can keep your skin healthy by providing a deep cleanse and exfoliation. By removing debris and dead skin buildup, the Aquafirme hydrafacial treatment leaves your skin glowing. This facial treatment combines medical-grade serums and solutions with microdermabrasion and lymphatic drainage to improve your skin’s appearance and health.

Chemical Peels

If you’re looking for a perfect pick-me-up that gives your skin a thorough rest, a chemical peel is a go-to treatment. We can customize your peel based on your skin type and concerns! Regular chemical peels can enhance and maintain the results of your less frequently performed aggressive skin rejuvenating, anti-aging, and acne clearing procedures

Dermalux phototherapy

The results from LED phototherapy are so stunning that we pair it with all of our other facial treatments in Naperville. Controlled levels of red, blue & near infrared light are clinically proven to be beneficial for treating acne, redness, and more.

RF Microneedling

We can use microneedling for acne scars and other skin texture concerns. When combined with radiofrequency energy you can see results similar to laser resurfacing, but with none of the recovery time. RF microneedling is our favorite treatment for aging skin that needs non-surgical tightening.

Ready to experience the benefits of these facial treatments in Naperville?

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