RF Microneedling Results: Skin Transformation You Can See

The Scarlet RF device is the gold standard for microneedling treatments in Naperville. If you’re ready for a total skin transformation, trust in the experts at SMooth Solutions and our dependable technology, personalized care, and impactful microneedling results.

SMooth Solutions is a boutique med spa serving clients in Naperville and the greater Chicago area. Our passion for aesthetics and results-focused approach to care makes us leaders in our industry and partners in achieving your goals. Keep reading to see some of our microneedling results and get some helpful tips to maintain your youthful glow after treatment.

How do we achieve lasting RF microneedling results?

RF Microneedling is an effective way to treat a variety of tone, texture, and laxity concerns while working deep underneath the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production. 

Collagen is a protein that serves as a building block in the structure and support of your skin. It’s what keeps you looking plump and youthful and keeps the skin from becoming lax and sagging over time. As you age, your skin naturally produces less collagen, increasing the impact of skin tightening treatments like microneedling.

During a microneedling treatment, dozens of tiny needles on a small handpiece create micro-injuries to the skin’s surface that trigger the body’s natural healing process. During that process, fibroblast cells increase their collagen production to rebuild and repair the “damaged” skin from the treatment and tighten the cells together.

RF microneedling results

Our RF microneedling treatments at SMooth Solutions use a versatile device that is proven to bring patients significant results addressing multiple skin concerns.

View some of our amazing patients’ photos before and after RF microneedling in Naperville:


Make your microneedling results last

Taking proper care of your skin after treatment enhances your microneedling results and ensures that they last. Here are some of our favorite tips for protecting your skin and keeping the glow alive:

Avoid sun exposure

Although RF microneedling treatments with the Scarlet device don’t require any downtime, it’s important to protect your skin from sun exposure in the weeks after your session. Try sticking to shaded areas and using proper SPF protection.

If possible, you can also be strategic about what time of year you schedule your RF microneedling appointments. People naturally experience less sun exposure in the fall and winter seasons, which makes that time of year better suited for treatments like needling, lasers, and more.

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Use gentle products, not exfoliants

It’s important to be gentle with your skin after treatment to preserve your microneedling results. Avoid cleansers with harsh ingredients and exfoliants, chemical or physical. Don’t use anything that may be abrasive to the skin as it’s working to heal and regenerate collagen following your treatment. Instead, look for skin care products with clean ingredients and minerals. 

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In the days following your treatment, remove any sweat or build-up with a gentle cleanser as soon as possible. Try and keep your face fresh and free of pollutants, including heavy makeup.

Stay extra moisturized and hydrated

After RF microneedling in Naperville, remember to stay hydrated! Your skin needs extra moisture from inside and out to effectively heal and replenish itself. That means drinking plenty of water, and also using medical-grade topical moisturizers.

At SMooth Solutions, we carry our own private label skincare formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and  ZO and Alastin skin care lines. Meet with one of our providers for a consultation to receive personalized product recommendations to enhance your microneedling results and keep your skin reflective, plump, and clear.

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