Addressing Common Summer Skin Concerns: At-Home Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Naperville

While you’re focusing on soaking up all the rays you can this summer, don’t neglect your skin! Understanding your skin’s needs and effectively providing the right nutrients is essential to achieving the summer glow we all want. 


When we spend more time outside, our oil glands become over-productive, leading to clogged pores and a whole lot of skin problems. However, these are avoidable! The top 3 most common skin concerns the SMooth Solutions Medspa team sees: 



Here’s the expert guide to navigating at-home rosacea, acne, melasma and hyperpigmentation treatment in Naperville, thanks to medical-grade skin care. 

Skincare for rosacea treatment IN Naperville

Always start with understanding the ingredients of professional skin care products in Naperville. When dealing with rosacea, also known as “flushing”, medical grade skincare is best because it is more gentle (but still effective). 


Glycolic acid acts as a powerful chemical exfoliant, brightening your skin and addressing hyperpigmentation with less intrusive ingredients. Caffeine is a natural element that acts as a vasoconstrictor, tightening your blood vessels and therefore reducing redness. Green tea and other polyphenols (plant micronutrients) serve as natural antioxidants, fighting the external factors that instigate the “flush” that rosacea brings. 

Skincare for acne treatment in Naperville

When aiming to fight acne or acne scars, looking for an at-home hyperpigmentation treatment in Naperville can offer real, lasting results! When you develop an acne lesion, the skin produces more pigment and inflammation that rises to the surface. This inflammation causes excessive melanin production, which can leave you with scarring. 


To address current breakouts, salicylic acid is key because of its oil controlling, purifying abilities. When looking to address scars and uneven texture, glycolic acid is once again a great exfoliant that removes layers of damaged skin. 

Skincare for hyperpigmentation treatment In Naperville

When using skincare products as hyperpigmentation treatment in Naperville, focus on ingredients that smooth and brighten. Again, glycolic acid can help you achieve a fresh slate. In addition, retinoids and vitamin C applied before your moisturizer can also help to even and brighten your complexion. 

Upgrade your skincare routine with SMooth Solutions Medspa’s medical grade products

Ready to take the spa experience home? SMooth Solutions Medspa offers a range of options for high-quality medical grade skin care in Naperville, including ZO, Alastin, and our own brand new SMooth Solutions line!


The SMooth Solutions medical grade skincare line includes a wide range of the most effective products for any skin concern. Every ingredient we’ve chosen is intentional and has been extensively researched by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

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